Our Journey

Started after India’s independence from the British, The Printers Mysore Limited emerged in 1948 as part of the new Indian identity. Founder K N Guruswamy had an ambitious idea: to give Bengaluru and erstwhile Mysore State (now Karnataka) its first newspaper. While this was his first investment in media, his vision was unique; he wanted to start the first bilingual publishing company in the state. This foresight, along with his strong belief in acquiring the right talent to drive the company forward made his venture a success. Many legendary writers, journalists and editors found their start and built their careers with the reputed publications under The Printers Mysore.

Founder, Mr.Guruswamy K N

The Printers Mysore

Even though the early days were a struggle for Deccan Herald and Prajavani, the flagship papers of The Printers Mysore publication house, they soon became welcome and needed additions to the city and state. One of the first innovations of Deccan Herald was its evening edition. The brand grew so strong that Deccan Herald became synonymous with ‘newspaper’. Both papers influenced public opinion through their respected editorial sections. The creation of Sudha, a weekly Kannada family lifestyle magazine, and Mayura, a monthly Kannada literary magazine, launched in 1965 and 1968, respectively, enabled The Printers Mysore to have longer conversations with readers around culture, gender, and literature in addition to establishing itself as one of the top Kannada magazine publishers in the state.

Bengaluru. 29th October 1959

The company has continued to evolve, changing alongside Bengaluru and Karnataka, reflecting its expanding readership. As the company grew it continued to set benchmarks in the industry, both in cutting edge technology and in the diversity of its people, to become one of the best newspaper & magazine publication companies in Karnataka. The Printers Mysore challenged the status quo by hiring women journalists and people from different backgrounds to make efforts in being more representative of its society. The company knew that a good newsroom was the backbone of any media company and needed a variety of opinions and ideas to stay relevant. The Printers Mysore was the first to utilize foreign printing presses, web offset printing, and computer to plate (CTP) image setting technology. Now, they continue to progress with ventures into digital properties with websites and mobile applications.

Kerala assembly election results 5th March 1965

Our Impact

The Printers Mysore brands have contributed to the landscape of culture, politics, and economics in Karnataka. Since their launch, they have strived to have an honest dialogue with their community through unbiased news coverage, popular columns, political cartoons, and unique photographs. Many readers wait to read Prajavani’s editorial stand before considering how to vote in an election, and many only go to the Deccan Herald for their sports coverage in Karnataka. The newspapers have actively participated in building institutions of quality journalism over the years. The company has also done much for the news media beyond itself by taking efforts in setting up and help run organizations like the Press Trust of India, the Indian Newspaper Society, and the World Association of Newspaper and News publishers (India).


The Printers Mysore is going from being an integral part of the print media ecosystem to a diversified media group. Our vision is to continue to serve our community and partners through our journalism across platforms and ethical practices.